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The 3D printer requires training before use! In order to complete your training, sign up here.

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We require that all students use the filament brand Octave. Once trained and certified on the equipment, you can use up to a slice of bread's worth of filament per month for free. If using the printer for a class, we will provide filament for that use. If you plan to use more than the allowable amount, please see a staff member about how to purchase materials to contribute to the community supply.

All filament used on the printer must be Octave ABS filament.


To use the printer, you must either obtain an STL file from a repository such as Thingiverse, or design an STL file in Solidworks or another CAD program. The software required to use the printer, Kisslicer and Solidworks, are covered in the video above.

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Staff Experts

  • Rickey Crum
  • Katie Krummeck
  • Sam Reeve
  • Parker Holloway
  • Edward Li
  • Andre Bouillion
  • Susanna Pool
  • Jenna Umphreyville
  • Beatriz Manrique
  • Johnathan Barr
  • Jackson Sterling