Dr. Seth Orsborn, DIG Director

Dr. Seth Orsborn is an expert in design theories and methodologies for navigating the fuzzy front end of the innovation process. Targeting integrated new product development, Seth brings a set of innovation methods, design tools, and design management experiences that facilitate the creation of novel solutions. He leads both individuals and teams in creating innovations that reside at the symbiosis of engineering design, marketing strategy, and industrial design to meet the needs, wants, and desires of the user.


Alyssa Phillips, Lab Manager

Alyssa is a native of Austin, Texas, and graduated from the Arts & Technology program at UT Dallas. While in college, she found a passion for using CAD design and digital fabrication to develop projects that bring together the best of both form and function. Before joining the DIG, Alyssa worked as a designer and rapid prototyping specialist for a firm that develops packaging for the cosmetics industry. When she is not at the DIG, you can find her playing pinball or enjoying the great outdoors.



George Carson, Lab Technician

George is a Sophmore Mechanical Engineering student. He began participating in the DIG his freshman year and was a member of the team for last year’s Rocket Payload Immersive Design Challenge. In his spare time, George enjoys reading and collecting comic books. You will also probably find him cheering on the SMU football team at one of their games or playing an intense game of chess.

George worked as a camp counselor this summer at Kanakuk summer camp in Missouri.

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Anna Iorio, Lab Technician

Anna is a Freshman Computer Science student and is also an officer of the SMU Esports Club. Anna enjoys making cosplays and attending conventions in her free time. She is very passionate about not only developing her own creative and technical skills, but also in helping others bring their ideas to life.

After finishing school, Anna hopes to work in game programming as well as continue to make her cosplay creations on the side.

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Aaron Dromgoole, Lab Technician

Aaron is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student and a member of the Theme Park Design Club. He is also taking part in the Disney Imaginations Design Competition this year as he hopes to become an animatronics engineer in the theme park/movie industry after finishing school. Aaron is also passionate about robotics, cars, and comics.

Aaron spent his summer working with a National Championship winning dirt car racing team.

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Mitchell Dye, Lab Technician

Mitchell is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student and also a member of Theta Tau and Engineers Without Borders. Mitchell participated in the Rocket Payload Immersive Design Challenge last year and was also on the winning team of his KNW2300 class challenge. He is super passionate about engineering and hopes to eventually work for Tesla and/or travel with Engineers Without Borders.

Over the summer, Mitchell worked with the Caruth engineering summer camp program and also worked on designing and constructing Version 2.0 of an electric longboard.


Ankit Pradhan, Lab Technician

Ankit is a Junior Electrical Engineering student and is also a member of the Virtual Reality club on campus. He helped in the creation of the DIG PVC pipe marimba and loved hanging out in the space so much that he decided he wanted to join the team! Ankit enjoys 3D printing, soldering, playing video games, and also happens to be OSHA certified. After finishing his studies, he wants to do research and development for semiconductors and hopes to work with Texas Instruments or Samsung.

Ankit spent the summer catching rays in Jamaica.


Megan Scott, Lab Technician

Megan is a Junior Management Science student. She enjoys making projects on the laser cutter in the DIG and is also a member of the Women’s Rowing team. In the future, Megan hopes to take her rowing to another level and row internationally. She also wants to work in supply chain management or run the operations for an athletic facility someday.

Megan worked as a camp counselor in the Caruth engineering summer camp program this past summer.


Mikaela Hawk, Lab Technician

Mikaela is a graduate student pursuing an MA in Design and Innovation. She has been using the DIG for about a year now to bring her creative ideas to life. She especially enjoys using the wood shop and working with her hands. You can often find her sketching in her notebook (with coffee in hand), or developing new skills through practice, observation and inquiry.

After graduating, Mikaela hopes to solve problems with meaningful solutions by utilizing her expertise in human-centered design thinking.


Sam Walker, Lab Technician

Sam Walker is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student and is also a member of Theta Tau. Sam is also the current President of the Engineers Without Borders Club. After being introduced to the DIG through an engineering design course, he has spent many hours in the space growing his maker skills and exploring various projects. His most recent project has been to build his own small-scale strandbeest.

Sam is passionate about designing and engineering things that can help people and communities as a whole, and would love to one day work for EWB as a professional mentor.

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Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.00.16 PM.png