Rickey Crum, DIG Lab Manager

Rickey Crum is the Lab Manager for the Deason Innovation Gym at SMU.

Rickey’s educational background is in Aerospace Engineering and Architecture, and he graduated with his Masters in Architecture from The University of Texas in 2009. Before joining the SMU team, he worked as a senior architectural designer for CallisonRTKL, a large global architecture firm, where he focused on both domestic and international commercial retail and entertainment projects. Rickey was also the Operations Coordinator for Billings Productions, tasked with the design and fabrication of life-sized animatronic dinosaurs exhibited at zoos and museums all over the world! Rickey values both old and new technologies, and pushes to integrate both in his work.  He has a passion for parametric design and digital fabrication, but you may also find him flint knapping stone tools in his spare time. 

Contact Rickey at rcrum@smu.edu.


Beatriz Manrique, Lab Technician

Beatriz Manrique is a Sophomore Electrical Engineering student. She has participated in and helped run summer camps and other projects in the DIG. Beatriz has a strong understanding of circuitry and electrical components. She is better at reading code and looking at the logic than I am at typing lines of it. 

Although wires are fun, Beatriz also enjoys soccer, reading, and drawing.

Beatriz most recently spent her summer teaching the next generation of engineers here at SMU. 


Austin Flanagan, Lab Technician

Austin is a PhD student, and received both a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Art in Design and Innovation from SMU.  Austin is skilled in all the tools in the DIG, and especially talented in the woodshop!

Make sure to ask Austin about his interest in nano-bots, and how he is using 3d printing and laser cutting in his research!

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Sky Bork, Lab Technician

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Skylar Bork is a senior at SMU working towards his Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics double-major. He has had two summer internships with John Deere as a systems engineer and one internship with SDL Citadel, a startup renewable energy firm here in Dallas, as a test engineer. His passions include building/designing things with his hands, day-trading stocks and is an avid amateur mechanic.

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David Davila, Lab Technician

David is a Junior Mechanical Engineering student. David has been involved with the DIG since his freshman year, working on projects like the High Tech Foosball Table. He's familiar with all the tools in the makerspace specially the wood shop. You can find him making CAD models or vibing to music or both.

David spent this summer going to Meow Wolf and visiting Denver, Colorado.

matty milano.jpg

Matty Milano, Lab Technician

Matty Milano is studying to be a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Math. He is from The Woodlands, Texas. Matty chose SMU because of its nationally ranked engineering facilities and its connections in the Dallas area. He is excited to pursue his passion for creating new and innovative designs by learning more about engineering itself in the classroom and by bringing some of his designs to the real world with the help of the Deason Innovation Gym.