Want to get started making stuff at the DIG? Read on.

The DIG is a space on campus that is made for you to make stuff. Want to learn more? Stop by to talk to a staff member or check out our calendar of events and drop by any of our Skillbuilding Workshops to utilize the tools in the space and brainstorm what you might want to make!

Follow the steps below to gain access to the space, learn how to use the tools and start making!

Here's the process for getting access:

  1. You must go through orientation to gain access. During the orientation, we cover the basic rules of the space, safety procedures and ways you can get involved. You can get oriented whenever we are staffed. 

  2. At the orientation, you will sign our Terms of Agreement. This document covers the nitty gritty rules and safety procedures that we require you to follow. If you break those rules, we can revoke your access.

  3. After the orientation, we’ll grant you 24/7 card access. You'll also be added to our email list so that we can keep you posted on opportunities to get involved.

  4. Come hang out!

  5. Get trained to use the tools (3D printers, laser cutter, CNC carving machine, vinyl cutter, woodshop, metal shop). You can only get trained once you have been oriented. You can get trained whenever we are staffed. 

  6. Stop by the DIG when we are staffed and chat with our team of skilled makers who can help you brainstorm projects and learn how to use the machines.

  7. Once you have developed your confidence and competence with a tool, you can get certified to use the tool on your own. Stop by during staffed hours to demonstrate to a member of our team that you know how to use a tool. The staff member will mark you as "certified" if you successfully demonstrate your competence with a tool. We have nifty badges for each tool you get certified in. Collect them all!

  8. Make stuff any time you want! But, only use the tools that you have been certified on if you plan on using tools during non-staffed hours. You can make personal projects and stuff for class. If you find yourself using more than an 8.5x11 sheet of any of the 2D materials in a month, please come see the staff. Same goes for 3D filament -- if you are using more than a slice of bread's worth, come check in. We will simply ask you to donate the materials you used back to the DIG.

  9. Come to workshops and other fun events. Check here for projects we have run in the past. Check here for new events, workshops and projects to join in on.

Any questions? Contact Alyssa Phillips (Lab Manager) at acphillips@smu.edu, or Seth Orsborn (Director) at sorsborn@smu.edu.