Laser Cutter

The Laser Cutter requires training before use! To begin the training process, click here.

The Laser cutter is an extremely useful tool for prototyping ideas as it is one of the fastest ways to make accurate parts.  Some examples of things to use the laser cutter for are; Building robot wheels and parts, engraving trophies/giveaways, making signs, etc. This page is dedicated to the 90Watt Full Spectrum Laser that is located in the Deason Innovation Gym.


Once trained and certified on the equipment, you can use up to a 8.5x11 sheet of paper's worth of 2D material per month for free. If using the laser cutter for a class, we will provide materials for that use. If you plan to use more than the allowable amount, please see a staff member about how to purchase materials to contribute to the community supply.


The laser cutter can etch and/or cut a wide range of materials — but some materials don’t work well, and some materials are extremely hazardous to the machine and people. Please check with staff if you are not sure your material will cut safely.


File formats

The laser cutter software is fed through a print driver, so any file that can be printed on the control computer can be sent to the laser cutter. svg files from Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator files are the most common files to be printed through the laser cutting software.


Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Make sure you remove any off-cuts from the laser bed, and clean up the counter tops when you’re finished.

Users should not attempt to align or clean the optics!

Resources and Tutorials

Starter projects