Virtual Tour of the DIG

The Deason Innovation Gym is a 1200 square foot design space housed in the Lyle School of Engineering. Once oriented, students from all over SMU's campus have 24/7 access to come make projects for class and for themselves. We provide trainings on the tools, starter projects and materials and programming to help get students started. The space emphasizes hands-on learning through real-life projects and is a magnet for students who want to apply and expand their emerging problem-solving and making skills.

We have plenty of space to design, brainstorm and collaborate as well as a ton of hand tools, power tools, 3D printers, a laser cutter, a CNC carving machine, a vinyl cutter and an electronics workbench. We also stock tons of low resolution crafting supplies as well as hardware, x-acto knives, glue guns, other adhesives, paints, etc.