Solidworks to 3d Print: Lego Blocks!

Lego Workshop.jpg

Check out the Spring 2018 Maker Workshop Series here at the DIG! Join us as we dive into the many maker resources we have at the DIG!

The workshop will teach you the basics of 3d modeling in Solidworks, and how to transition from digital model to physical model using the 3d printer! Join us THURSDAY for JT Williamson's workshop on building lego blocks from Solidworks to 3d print! This is an entry level workshop and no experience required.  The workshop is open to ALL students, staff and faculty!

The workshop will be held Thursday, 4/5 from 2pm to 5pm.  Please try to arrive promptly at or before 2pm so we can get started promptly.

Feel free to email Rickey Crum at with questions.